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  1. Reggie31307 says:

    Syesha’s voice is the best sound to ever hit my ears. you’re a star, Sye! And you know I love ya! TeamSye 4 Life!!!!

  2. Dave H says:

    I was watching this last night following a recent stint of loving the Beyonce tune Loves On Top, I was blown away by your ‘warm up version’ fantastic Girl!!

  3. Jay Will says:

    I just you rehearsal video “Love on top” it was absolutely AMAZING! I want more so I will be look for your album to download.

  4. Heather says:

    Syesha is definitely one of my newest and favorite artists out now! Can’t wait to hear all that good music for ya! God Bless my love…

  5. Derrian gobourne says:

    Syesha you are awesome i love you

  6. ChrisGambol60 says:

    Miss Syesha – totally loving your cover of Love On Top. You nailed those runs and the modulations; a powerful rendition – without fakery, autotuning and audio manipulation. Just excellent vocals. Luv it!

  7. John Hartil says:

    Another wonderful version. A voice just so sublime!!

  8. Tahjman1 says:

    That love on top cover was crazy, since my wife 1st heard it she has been blastin’ that video every morning while she’s getting rest for work. Looking forward to hearing more from you. One love.

  9. i have come to understand that you are a good singer. now o would like to see your albums. and enchant my ears with your melodious voice.

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